Tiq is a charismatic and compelling speaker who inspires students, educators and cultural curators from all over the world. He's an engaging moderator and host who can bring deepen the conversation and keep an audience enthralled.

Talk Topics

REimagining Manhood: A Transgender Experience

Masculinity is as performative as any other gender. It is fluid, expansive and belongs to anyone who embodies it. Tiq is a transgender man who has experienced gender on many different points across the spectrum. These experiences have shaped his approach to creating his own masculinity and allowed him to interrogate the toxic notions that are attached to being a man in the world. In this presentation Tiq shares stories of his journey of becoming a man and what he’s learned about the masculine experience and binary gender. He also looks at how race intersects with how we define gender. 

Keeping it 100: allyship and Love across the Margins 

 Being queer has emerged as an identity that is inclusive of folks who fall outside of cisgender and heteronormative ideas of how gender manifests and desire is shaped. Binary definitions of gender or sexuality are no longer sufficient in describing the experience that many people are having in the world. In this presentation Tiq discusses strategies to sustaining ally relationships and why it’s beneficial to personal and professional growth and development. Our allyship isn’t just for folks who have different gender expressions but is about finding common ground amongst the intersecting human experience.

The Power of storytelling

Social media has democratized media curation and has changed the way it is consumed and distributed. Although these online avenues allow for more people outside of multi-million dollar media institutions to create their own messaging it also creates space for fake news, gas lighting, and blatantly false narratives to fuel political agendas. The shocking result of the United States 2016 Presidential election is emblematic of this crisis of separating fact from fiction that is being experienced with the saturation of information and voices. However, with crisis comes opportunity. In this presentation Tiq explores how we began to take responsibility for the media we share and create as well as how we hold institutions accountable. As a journalist and advocate for many years Tiq sees media as a primary tool to push for effective change and social justice. Media doesn’t just document culture, it simultaneously creates it. What type of messaging do we want to create about ourselves? What legacy will we be forming for our future? 

The Right Side of the Future: Inclusion & Innovation

The evolution of language is one of the best examples of fruitful innovation, ever. Tiq argues that effective, successful marketing is about finding common ground amongst the intersecting human experience—and he shows you how to do just that. He explores new, fresh and insightful ways to have respectful, forward-thinking and ultimately bonding interactions with your audience—and how to gain more consumers, who will stick with you. On stage, Tiq is passionate, emotive, and teaches your audience through humor. He’s got powerful stats, colorful slideshows, and anecdotal evidence: all of which, shows that the more deeply and intimately we connect with people, the more prosperous our business becomes.