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Interview with Evan Ross Katz

What piece of writing of yours are you most proud of and why?

All my pieces have a special place in my heart. They all expand on different parts of my life, intellect and passions in unique ways. I’m in the midst of writing my book, Man of My Design, a memoir and an examination of system masculinity. It’s a challenge that has made me dive deep into my past and my future. It’s the most important piece of writing to date and I can’t wait for folks to read it next summer.

What differentiates activism and slacktivism?

I think this idea of slacktivism is messed up and a bit ableist. Real change happens through social media. Black Lives Matter started as a hashtag. Feminista Jones galvanized protests all over the country via Twitter. There is nuanced and radical information and calls to action being shared via these networks. Also, everyone physically can’t get out there and protest or disrupt traffic or press conferences. For some folks who are disabled or chronically ill their participation is from behind a keyboard. For working parents or folks who just have too much on their plate but they care about the issues, signing an online petition or retweeting is all they have space for. It’s completely unfair to invalidate that.

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