The Problem with "Do Black Lives Matter to Gays"

Featured on Out There with Thomas Roberts

“I just want to be clear that Black queer and gay people have been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement”

“I think that people have to realize is that LGBT people, who are advocates and who are media people, our lives are not siloed. We are not a monolith. We have intersecting identities, intersecting oppressions, and discriminations that we have to work towards. The problem with this article was that not only was the title problematic but it was also misguided…If you want to start to motivate people through challenging conversations you really have to pinpoint exactly who you’re talking to and who you’re talking about. So it’s not that Black Lives Matter to gays, it’s about white gay men is who he’s talking about and the demographic that Next magazine reaches.”


Black Girls Only

My contribution to for their November Men's issue is an ode to my wife, my mother, my sister and good girl friends. 

"I absolutely unequivocally adore my Black wife. She's a Trinidadian woman who has introduced me to black peoples and culture throughout the diaspora. We find pockets of commonality and tension in the ancestry we share that has been split abstracted and layered with indigenous people and Africa. She helps me navigate the micro-aggressions I have to deal with on a daily basis with care and patience. I don't have to censor my language or my frustrations because that's my G, for real.  It’s the way she can rock a bone straight sew-in, dookie braids, or her natural curls like a boss. It's her smooth toffee skin and the familiar cackle and cadence in her laugh that I've heard my whole life from the women that raised me; my mother, aunties and sisters. She's the most beautiful and the most amazing woman I know."

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DBQ Magazine's LOUD 100 LGBT People of Color

It is our intention to paint a landscape, to knit a quilt of LGBT people of colour who are LOUD in their beingness in the world. Some of these people are influencing our culture, many of them we follow daily, a few are our muses. There are those on this list who are behind the scenes whose faces and names are never seen or heard, and there are those who are so LOUD in our wold that they make us proud to be gay people of colour…here is our uniquely diverse list; some rich, some powerful, and some influential in only their area of expertise.

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