Transgender in America - Harvard College Panel Reviews

Image Credit:  Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Image Credit: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

"What responsibility do schools have to educate students about trans and other gender issues, Harris asked the panel? Children are sexual beings and start experimenting and exploring and playing around with their gender when they are very young, Milan said. They need to have a good foundation for how to negotiate their own desires. They don’t need to be shamed for that, but they may not have had the information needed to negotiate their own desires by the time they get to college..." - via Harvard Gazette

“When I look at my masculinity, it’s not about the traditional trajectories,” he said. “I want to become a man of my own design and the man of my dreams.” He added that the narrow definition of masculinity poses problems for gender inclusivity. “Limitations that we have placed on masculinity has a detrimental effect on how we relate to each other as human beings,” he said. “It’s a constant uphill battle for me when it comes to asserting myself in my identity.” - via The Harvard Crimson