Madd Mary Hates Iggy Azalia. Totally Understandable.


"Madd Mary's scathing takedown is pretty aggressive — its been dubbed a "lyrical murder" — but it rightfully tears down the larger issue of cultural misappropriation at play in the rise of Azalea. White artists have taken from black culture for decades — from Elvis Presley to the Rolling Stones to everyone's favorite train wreckMiley Cyrus. This process of draping a white performer in tropes of blackness and serving it as something profound is as old as structural racism itself. And the most recent example of Iggy Azalea's skin privilege was the face-palm worthy article in Forbes (originally titled "Hip-Hop is Run by a White, Blonde, Australian Woman") that declared her the leader of all things hip-hop despite having only sold 52,000 albums her first week out. (Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday sold 375,000 the first week.)"



My latest article on the cultural misappropiation  by Aussie performer Iggy Azalia. My original unedited version of this article was a toned down and whitewashed in order to appeal better to their readership.  After a bit of a back and forth with the editors, I reluctantly allowed this article to run even though they didn't do all the revisions I requested and dumbdowned my language and critcism. Probably my last contribution to policymic.