Out for Undergrad Business Conference


"I wanted to express my gratitude for coming to OUBC and, for lack of a better term, dropping knowledge. I never thought that I’d hear someone reference the prison industrial complex in a room full of employees from Goldman Sachs, but it was only one of the many much needed sentiments you expressed on the panel. A critical perspective like yours was refreshing and served as an empowering reminder that my future may not necessarily involve sacrificing my values or empathy." ~Lawrence "Macs" Vinson Northwestern University 2017. 


This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak on the Gender Diversity panel at the the Out for Undergrad Business conference. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical about the reception we would receive in a room of future bankers, economists, and brokers. Although, they were all LGB identified that doesn't mean their views about gender and being allies to trans folks are automatically progressive. A large part of the conversations I have are about building bridges within the LGBT community. However, these young people were ready and eager to be better people and better allies. I'm so grateful to have been able to be there and have an impact.